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Selected Key Articles

Flexibility in Engineering Design

Towards Flexibility in U.S. Navy Ships: it’s much more than a single design parameter, with J. Page and W. Seering, (mt) Marine Technology, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, pp. 24-30 Jan. 2022

Commercial Viability Evaluation of the Suborbital Space Tourism Industry, with M. Guerster and E. Crawley, New Space, Vol. 78, No.2,  01 Jun 201 

Impact of Operating Rules on Planning Capacity Expansion of Urban Water Supply Systems, with S. Galelli and X. Tian, Urban Water Supply,
Improving the Lifecycle Performance of Engineering Projects with Flexible Strategies: Example of On-Shore LNG Production Design (with M. Cardin and M. Bourani) Systems Engineering, 18:3, pp. 253-268, 2015; DOI: 10.1002/sys.21301.

Enhancing the Value of Oilfield Developments with Flexible Subsea Tiebacks 
(with J. Lin, O. de Weck, and H. Yue) J. Petroleum Science and Engineering, 102, February 2013, pp. 73-83.


Airport Systems

Evolution and Development of Multi-Airport Systems: A Worldwide Perspective (with P. Bonnefoy and R. Hansman) ASCE J. Transportation Engineering, Special Issue, 136;11, pp. 2010-2019, 2010.

Designing Efficient Taxi Pick-up Operations at Airports 
(with D. Costa) Transportation Research Record 2300, pp. 91-99, 2012.


Real Estate Development

Vertical phasing as a corporate real estate strategy and development option (with A. Guma, J. Pearson, K. Wittels, and D. Geltner) Journal of Corporate Real Estate 11: 3, 2009.


Systems Dynamics

Forest fire management to avoid unintended consequences: a case study of Portugal using system dynamics (with R. Collins, J. Claro, T. Oliviera, and A. Pacheco) J. Environmental Management, 130, pp. 1-9, 2013.

System Dynamics Modeling of Chinese Urban Housing Markets for Pedagogical and Policy Analysis Purposes (with X. Zhang, and D. Geltner) 2015 APERS Special Issue, Chau, Ong, and Lui eds., J. of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 57:3, pp. 476-501, 2018.


Utility Assessment

Lottery Equivalents: Reduction of the Certainty Effect Problem in Utility Assessment (with McCord) Management Science, 1986, 32, pp. 56-60.

Empirical Demonstration that Expected Utility Decision Analysis is not Optimal 
(with M. McCord) Foundations of Utility and Risk Theory with Applications, B. P. Stigum and F. Wenstop, eds., D. Reidel, Holland, 1983, pp. 181-199.

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