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Dissertations & Masters Theses

Below highlights PhD Dissertations and Masters Theses I have advised.  See full list of Dissertations and Theses in PDFs linked at end.


Highlighted PhD Dissertations

“Potential Housing Bubble with Chinese Characteristics: Analysis and Policy Design through an Operational Model,” Xin Zhang, Engineering Systems Division, 2017 (Supervisor).

“Engineering Options: a proactive planning approach for aging water resource infrastructure under uncertainty,” Kim Smet, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, 2017 (Reader)

“Improving the performance of regional electricity markets in developing countries: The case of the Southern African Power Pool,” Amy Rose, Engineering Systems, 2017 (Supervisor)

“Material Diversification in Pavement Management: A Technique to Proactively Deal with an Uncertain Future,” Omar Swei, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, August 2016 (Co-supervisor)

“Metologia de Estimativa de Valor da Flexibilidade Desenvolvimento de Campos de Petróleo”, Márcia Ida de Oliveira Silva, Universidade de Campinas, (Brasil) 2016 (Co-supervisor)

“Institutionalizing Uncertainty: Exploring how infrastructure stakeholders can prepare for uncertain climate futures,” Todd Schenk, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, August, 2015 (Reader)

“Negotiated Collaboration: a study in Flexible Infrastructure Design,” Vivek Sakhrani, Engineering Systems Division, August, 2015 (Supervisor)

Full List of Dissertations


Highlighted Masters Theses

“Valuing Investments in Agile Project Design: Example for Upstream Oil and Gas Development,” Katerine Brown, System Design and Management Program, 2020

“Managing Environmental Risks with Flexibility:  Case of Phosphate Fertilizer Industry in Morocco,” Adèle Cadario, System Design and Management Program, 2020

“Analysis of Flexible Design Options for Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Products,” Matthew McShea, System Design and Management Program, 2019

“Identifying Opportunities for Flexible Design of Infrastructure: Case Studies of a Space Launch Complex and LNG for Sardinia“, Davide Lasi, System Design and Management Program, August 2018.

“Improving Value of Strategic Defense Systems using Modular Open Architecture” Charles “Barry” Wilson, Technology and Policy Program, May 2017.

“Embracing the Future of Land Transportation: Valuing Flexibility in Design and Technology Options for Autonomous Vehicle Developments in Singapore,” Huiling Eng, System Design and Management Program, December 2016.

“Choosing Flexibility: Exploring the many layers of Decision-Making for a desalination project in Qatar,” Abdullah Al-Misnad, Technology and Policy Program, January 2014.

“Flexible Design: An Innovative Approach for Planning Water Infrastructure Systems Under Uncertainty,” Melanie Wong, Technology and Policy Program, May 2013.

“System Architecture Decisions under Uncertainty: A Case Study on Automotive Battery System Design,” Matthew Renzi, System Design and Management Program, May 2012 (with Qi Hommes).

“Forest Fire Management in Portugal: Developing System Insights through Models of Social and Physical Dynamics,” Ross Collins, Technology and Policy Program, May 2012.

“Governance Mechanisms for Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships: Focus on India,” Arjun Gupta, Technology and Policy Program, August 2011.

Full List of Masters Theses

Richard’s Thesis Manual, 2021 Version