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Prof. Richard de Neufville

Professor of Engineering Systems
Focusing on research and teaching in flexibility as a means to increase the expected value of system development and design in the inevitable context of uncertainty and risk.

Currently spending sabbatical leave (Spring of 2023 and 2024) on the development of a compendium of curated case studies of system development and design with worldwide colleagues.

In Spring of 2023 this work took me to Imperial College London, the University of Porto, and the Danish Technical University.

Founding Chairman, MIT Technology and Policy Program
Responsible for its development over its first 25 years, 1975-2000.

Participation in Major MIT International Partnerships
Most significant recent ones are:
Morocco, OCP Group  and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University
Singapore University of Technology and Design
MIT-Portugal Program

I’ve dedicated my career to the development of practical methods to expand the scope of engineering to include a focus on the expected value of projects over time, in the context of the inevitable uncertainty about future demands and requirements.

My efforts over the past decade have culminated in the application of flexibility in system development and design, to allow engineering systems to minimize the impact of undesirable consequences, while exploiting desirable opportunities.

In parallel, I’ve demonstrated the practical application of these concepts, in particular in the field of Airport Systems Planning, Design, and Management. I also collaborate widely with colleagues in many fields of system design.