Excel and @Risk boot camp                     Information about material                   Last update:  August 30, 2016

This material is no longer offered as a course.

Instructors:  Xin Zhang and Richard de Neufville
Session 0 is for Excel beginners and those uneasy about English language version.
Session 0:   Slide show0  ;  spreadsheet 0-1 ; spreadsheet 0-2
Session 1:   Slide Show1 ;  spreadsheet 1-1 ; spreadsheet 1-2
Session 2:  
Slide Show2 ;  spreadsheet 2-1 ; spreadsheet 2-2 ; spreadsheet_2-1_@Risk; spreadsheet_2-2_@Risk;
Session 3:   Slide Show3 ;  spreadsheet 3-1 Part_1 ; spreadsheet 3-1 Part_2 spreadsheet_3-1_Part_1_@Risk; spreadsheet_3-2_Part_1_@Risk; spreadsheet 3-2 Part_1 ; spreadsheet 3-2 Part_2
Session 4:   Slide Show4 ;  spreadsheet 4-1 ; spreadsheet 4-2 spreadsheet_4-2_@Risk;

You may want to refer to the Excel "hot keys"

For the convenience of people using
The purpose of the material is to enable students to become proficient in the use of Excel,
at the level needed for efficient, effective use of spreadsheets. 

The motivation for this offering is that  that many entering students have a sketchygrasp of how to use Excel effectively. 
Our experience is that many are not familiar with how to use the Data Table function (arguably the main reason for
the development of spreadsheets), let alone conversant with how to run simulations using RAND(). 
We designed this material to fill these and other gaps quickly by walking students through worked out examples.

Should I study this material?
To see if you should spend time on this material, look at the self-assessment exercise.
If you feel you could comfortably complete its tasks within a morning, then you're good to go. 
On the other hand, if these tasks look daunting, then this material is for you!