Papers on Airport Systems Planning, Design and Management
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"Deregulation induced Volatility of Airport Traffic," (with J. Barber) Transportation Planning and Technology, Vol.16 pp. 117-128, 1991.

"International Airports in Japan," lead article, AERA, No.40, Sept.24, 1991, pp. .6-9. (in Japanese)

"Understanding and Using Forecasts" , foreword to Passenger Forecasts for Logan International Airport, Massport, pp. 1-13, 1991.

"Airport Construction -- The Japanese Way," Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Issue, December, pp. 71-74, 1991.

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"Assessment of the "Flight Plan" forecasts for Seattle/Tacoma and regional airports, together with reflections on the proper basis for Airport Planning," Report prepared for the State of Washington Air Transportation Commission, 1992.

"Planning Multi-Airport Systems in Metropolitan Regions in the 1990's," Final Report for the US Federal Aviation Administration, DTFA01-92-P-012433, May 1994.

"Economic and Complementary Criteria for the Selection of Investments in Airport Projects," Final Report for the US Federal Aviation Administration, DTRS-57-92-P-81083, December 1994.

-- Reprinted in:

Public Investment in the Aviation Transportation Infrastructure, Report 55, Special Workshop Sponsored by the Transportation Research Board, Committee on Airfield and Airspace Capacity and Delay, Oct., pp. 43-82, 1994.

"The Baggage System at Denver: Prospects and Lessons," Journal of Air Transport Management, Vol.1, No.4, Dec., pp. 229-236, 1994.

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"Management of Multi-Airport Systems: A Development Strategy," Journal of Air Transport Management, Vol.2, No. 2, June, pp. 99-110, 1995.

"Policy Guidelines for the Option of a Development of a Multi-Airport System, the basis of a Dynamic Strategic Plan to provide the capability for flexible response to future challenges," Report Prepared for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands, 1995.

"Optimal Configuration of Complexes of Large Airport Passenger Buildings and their Internal Transport Systems," Proceedings, Airports of the Future, International Symposium Nov. 1995, Académie Nationale de l'Air et de l'Espace, Cépaduès Editions, Paris, pp. 342-352, 1996.

"Policy Guidelines for the Development of Multiple Airports Systems in Major Metropolitan Areas" (In Japanese) Issues and Direction of Transport Policy for the 21st Century, Proceedings of the International Symposium for the Commemoration of the Establishment of Institute for Transport Policy Studies, Tokyo, August 1996, pp. 21-27.

"Benchmarking Major Airports Worldwide," (with Javier Rojas Guzman), ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, TN 11639, Vol. 124, No. 4, July/August 1998.

"Airport Privatization: Issues for the United States," Safety, Economic, Environmental, and Technical Issues in Air Transportation, Transportation Research Record 1662, Paper 99.0218, pp. 24-31, 1999.

"Airports in the 21st.Century, Prospects for the Future" , Transportation Research Circular E-C027, "Airports in the 21st. Century: Proceedings of a Conference,"  Transportation Research Board, pp. 90-115, March 2001.

Report for the US Federal Aviation Administration, presented at:

"Airport Passenger Buildings: Efficiency through Shared Use of  Facilities ," (with Steven Belin), ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, Vol. 128, No.3, May/June 2002, pp. 211-217.

"Optimal Configuration of Airport Passenger Buildings for Travelers," (with Alexandre de Barros and Steven Belin), ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, Vol. 128, No.3, May/June 2002, pp. 211-217.

" Rethinking Retail Relationships in a Volatile World,"  (with Robert Weinberg), International Airport Review, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 26-34, 2003

"Airport Systems Development: An Exploration of the Difficulties in the Diffusion of Innovation," in Rethinking Science Systems and Innovation, Vol. 8, Technology Policy and Innovation, 2003

"Airports of the Future: The Development of Airport Systems, " International Symposium and Exposition in Celebration of 100 years of powered flight, Dayton, Ohio, July 14 - 17, 2003

"Multi-Airport Systems in the Era of No-Frills Airlines," presented at Transportation Research Board conference, January 2004

"The Future of Secondary Airports: Nodes in a Parallel Air Transport Network? "   English version of
"Le devenir des aeroports secondaires: Bases d'un reseau parallele de transport aerien?"  Cahiers Scientifiques du Transport, Issue 47, pp. 11-38, 2005.

"Accommodating Low Cost Airlines at Main Airports"  Paper presented at the Transportation Research Board Jan. 2006.  Short form  published in International Airport Review, No.1, 62-65, 2006   IAP Review version

"Planning Airport Access in Era of Low-Cost Airlines ," Journal of the American Planning Association, Vol. 72, No.3, 337-346, 2006.

"Low-Cost Airports for Low-Cost Airlines:  Flexible Design to Manage the Risks ,"  Transportation Planning and Technology, Vol 31, No. 1, pp. 35-68, 2008.

"Building the Next Generation of Airport Systems," The Bridge, Journal of the National Academy of Engineering, pp. 41-46, Summer 2008.

"Evolution and Development of Multi-Airport Systems: A Worldwide Perspective," (with Philippe Bonnefoy and R. John Hansman)  ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, Vol. 136, no. 11, pp. 1021-1030, 2010.

"Air Accessibility in Northern Canada: Prospects and Lessons for Remoter  Communities," (with Alda Metrass-Mendes and Alvaro Costa)  Cranfield, 2011

"Air Transport Policy for Small Communities: Lessons from the US Experience," (with Alda Metrass-Mendes) Journal of Air Transport Studies, Vol. 2, 2, July 2011

"Value of Options in Airport Expansion,"  (with F. Morgado, S. Nagaralo, and R. Macario)  European Regional Science Association, Barcelona, Spain, Sept 2011.

"Designing Efficient Taxi Pick-up Operations at Airports," (with David Costa), Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC, January 2012

"A Spinoffs Study Applied to the Airline Industry," Erika Kutscher, Master of Science Thesis, System Design and Management, MIT, May 2012.