1.231 / 16.781   
Fall 2009

TIME:  T-Th 1-2:30 PM  
 ROOM: 1-371

TEXT: Airport Systems Planning, Design, and Management, McGraw-Hill, 2003

WEB SITE:     All assignments will be posted on this site, in addition to references to professional papers, and updates for the text.  The site also includes a discussion board through which students can post questions and comments at any time.  The instructors will monitor this site and respond regularly.  They will also post announcements and other items of interest to the course,

(on reserve in Engineering Library, rm 10-500):

    Three texts are widely used for reference:
         * Ashford and Wright, Airport Engineering
         * Horonjeff and McKelvey, Planning and Design of Airports
         * IATA, Airport Development Reference Manual, 9th ed, 2004

Prof. Richard de Neufville
Engineering Systems and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
MIT Room E40-245
email:        tel.:  253 7694

Prof. Amedeo Odoni
Departments of Aeronautics and Astronautics and of Civil and Environmental Engineering
MIT  Room 33-404
email:        tel.:  253 7439

Four homework assignments:
Draft Project Presentation: 
Final Project Presentation: 

To avoid any confusion that might result from different expectations in other courses or establishments, please note the standards that apply in this subject.

Assignments turned in for grading
These are to be done individually, although the instructors expect that students will discuss the issues involved in problem sets and often learn best collectively.  In practice, this means that students may lead each other to the proper understanding of the material and collaborate on setting up computer runs.  However, students should ultimately prepare their own reports for each assignment individually, in their own format and words. 

Student Projects
The basic principle is that no one should claim credit for ANY work done by others. Every picture, graph or phrase taken from elsewhere -- such as the web in particular -- should be fully cited.  All text copied from elsewhere should be put in quotes and properly referenced.  It is not sufficient simply to provide a general reference as a footnote or at the end

Demonstrated evidence of copying (exactly the same presentation, same wording of sentences, etc.) or uncited use of the work of others will result in zeros for each paper with this evidence. In addition, a letter reflecting any infraction will be placed in the student's permanent file. Extreme or repeat cases will be referred to the MIT disciplinary committee, which has been known to expel plagiarists.