Airport Systems Planning, Design, and Management

Professors Richard de Neufville & Amedeo Odoni

Professors de Neufville and Odoni privately offer an executive short course every year in the fall, at the end of September.  It is oriented to senior and mid-career professionals. Participants come from all over the world and include government planners, airport operators, consultants and airline personnel. Professionally, they are engineers, managers, planners and architects.

The course has an excellent track record since its beginning in 1989. Since then it has been given every year in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as well as in Australia, Greece and the Netherlands under special arrangements with the Australian Federal Airports Corporation, the Athens Airport, and the Delft University of Technology.  It received the US Federal Aviation Administration Award for Excellence in Aviation Education.

Enrolments are limited to 50 participants.  As the program has often been oversubscribed, persons interested should apply early in the summer to avoid disappointment.

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