Professors de Neufville and Odoni are the authors of:

Airport Systems Planning, Design and Management
McGraw-Hill, New York, 2003.

It can most easily be obtained from if it is not in your local professional bookstore.

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Words of praise for the text include the following:

"The de Neufville / Odoni airports text is the most comprehensive of its kind.  The book will serve
as a valuable companion to students of aviation and airport management, thanks to an effective
mix of conceptual discussion, real-world examples, and graphic illustrations.  Students will appreciate
the book as a one-stop shop for airport issues, introducing readers to a wide variety of commercial
and policy topics facing airport operators, tenants, and communities."
Carol Hallett, President and CEO, Air Transport Association.

This text is everything one would expect from two such respected authors.  Their lengthy and
broad experience illuminates the comprehensive set of topics with all their customary clarity,
originality and practicality.  It contains many insights of value for airports in Europe and the
rest of the world, as well as within North America.  This will become the definitive text on
airport design for the first part of the 21st century.
Prof. Robert Caves, University of Loughborough

I consider Dr. Odoni and Dr. de Neufville to be among the foremost thinkers in the airport planning
and systems analysis field.  They possess a broad spectrum of knowledge on airport issues
including facility design, operations analysis, financing and related environmental concerns,
a knowledge that balances the practical realities of planning and running airports with the
cutting edge of research.... I particularly admire their ability of comprehend the implications of
complex airport issues, to develop workable solutions, and to explain these solutions in
understandable terms to practitioners and politicians.
Dr. Lloyd McCoomb, Vice-President, Planning and Development, Greater Toronto Airport Authority

Two of the most influential professors of airport planning have drawn on their vast experience
o produce the authoritative text on the complex topic of airport systems.  Their lively style and
valuable insights make this essential reading for those who would understand and guide the
future development of air transportation.  The content spans a wide range from the fundamental
principles of transportation systems to the details of airport design.  Whether your interest is public
policy, planning, design or management, this book is a critical and up-to-date reference for your activities.  
Larry Kiernan, Airport Planner, US Federal Aviation Administration

Dr. de Neufville's system engineering approach to airport terminal planning is an art.  His invaluable
advice helped us optimize the facilities of the New Kuala Lumpur International Airport terminal
complex and many other airports we designed.
Shota Morita, President, Pacific Consultants International, Japan